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  • The twin tub should be positioned on a level surface and plugged in.
  • Add the clothes to be washed along with the washing powder, if using liquid add this after the water.
  • The filler hose should be attached to the twin tub and a suitable tap to start the filling at the temperature required, the drain hose should be hooked into a sink or drain, best washing results are from medium and high wash levels.
  • Select the wash type, delicate for silks or wool and normal for linen and dirty clothes.Close the lid and select the wash time, you can now leave the machine to complete its cycle.
  • When completed the waste water can now be drained off by turning the selector to drain, when the twin tub is empty it should be turned to normal again or place your clothes into the spinner and reuse the water for your next load.
  • Now the clothes have been washed they should be transferred to the spinner, this should now be filled with water to cover the clothes. Place the spinner mat on top of the clothes and close the lid.
  • Select the spin time and let the cycle commence, water will be expelled through the drain pipe.
  • When completed the lid can be opened and the clothes removed.

What Harris Classic twin tub customers say...

“We chose a twin tub because we needed
the washing machine to be fitted in our out buildings which has no plumbing. The Twin Tub proved to ideal. It saves us money - very economical.”

Mr & Mrs. Thompson, Shrewsbury